Below are tesimonials of dogs who have recieved massages by Full Stretch Canine Massage in Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

My 7 year old rough collie Merlin has always had stiffness and occasional lameness in his back legs, periodically taking anti-inflammatory vet prescribed medication. I was a little sceptical has to how canine massage would, or could help him. That was before Gemma Dorman weaved her magic, her caring approach, calmness and technique allows for both Merlin and I to relax during his massage, (he has on occasion nodded off!). Thanks to Gemma, Merlin seems to have far more flexibility, has shown barely any lameness since his massages, and is back to enjoying his favourite past time, any size agility. Thank you Gemma. Liz Houghton and Merlin

Gemma has been working on him the last few weeks. After Bayley spectacularly clobbered the long jump in the Champ final at Hinckley with him landing on the obstacle whilst it was rolling forward and his legs going in every which way but the correct ways I have felt that my boy was not quite right and with it showing in the times he was producing in the ring. Yes I took in to the fact that he is 8 years old and it could be a simple case of him slowing down but we all know our dogs and he wasnt being Bayley.
Anyway after being worked on and rest I worked him at the weekend and my boy came out and won a class – which being honest I thought he may not be able to do again. The issues that he had are going and he’s so much happier in himself so Gemma THANK YOU so much. Bayley says he looks forward to seeing you again soon. Gina Scott and Bayley

Canine massage was really good for Bracken she enjoyed it and it seems to have really helped her. Her agility has improved and she is much happier when walking and running.  Bracken can be a very nervous dog but I was very impressed with the way Gemma handled her and this gave me confidence Gemma. I was so impressed that I would recommend Gemma and I will be having Bracken massaged again. – Jo-Anne Glover and Bracken