My name is Gemma Dorman and I own and run Full Stretch Canine Massage, I am based in Hinckley but can provide Dog massage in Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and West Midlands.

Therapeutic Canine Massage (TCM) brings much needed relief for dogs with muscular problems and will help to support orthopaedic conditions. By remodelling restrictive scar tissue, loosening tight muscles and removing connective tissue adhesions, you could see results within 1-3 sessions.

Have you ever felt tightness, stiffness or aches in your muscles? Well it is exactly the same for your dog. Every dog can benefit from canine massage regardless of age, breed or activity levels.

Canine massage is also an excellent way to help maintain the peak performance of your canine athlete and helps to reduce the risk of injury.

I am passionate about providing an affordable, results-driven service. I will see your dog for up to three sessions to resolve the initial problem. If I find something which I feel massage is not suitable for, I will inform you and refer you back to your vet immediately, so you can rest assured your pet can receive the best treatment available.

So whether your dog is a much loved pet, takes part in any sports or is just showing signs of getting old, contact Gemma today to discuss an appointment.